The last year has been full of security reforms, conferences and investments that gave you a lot to think about when it comes to your business. As you consider your business evolution for the new year, how do you compare to your competitors? Did you attend conferences oversaturated with vendors that forced conversations between you and potential partners? Did you let opportunities slip by due to tight deadlines and uncertain funds? Or did you finally get a handle on reseller partnerships and leverage marketing platforms?

Looking back at this year, we’ve found four different ways you can improve your business performance and obtain a wider revenue margin:

  1. Optimize Marketing Platforms

The first epiphany vendors had this year was that portals and marketing platforms (like MindMatrix and Zift) are great, as long as they’re used correctly. The truth of the matter is that while most vendors use these tools, their partners aren’t using them correctly – and it costs you money. You need to train your partners on how to use these platforms, so you can keep track of marketing efforts.

  1. Invest in Resellers

We know that resellers struggle with marketing. That’s why investing in their marketing is more important than investing in any product features or benefits. While vendors create products, a marketing partner helps resellers sell that product. By investing in their marketing efforts you’ll refine success – which means getting more leads, closing more sales and making more profit to improve your business performance.

  1. Leverage Market Development Funds

It’s the same problem every year, resellers aren’t using their market development funds (MDF). That means you aren’t hitting your sales objectives because your partners aren’t hitting theirs. As you look for more out-of-box solutions, you should invest in partners (like Marketopia) that help reallocate MDF before it’s lost and maximize ROI by creating marketing assets and deliverables.

  1. Attend the Right Conferences

Every year, hundreds of conferences happen, but finding the right conference for vendor success is a different story. This year, MSPs started ignoring conferences oversaturated with vendors and instead looked at conferences that provide an open-minded environment where vendors are excited and optimistic to talk to them. It offers better opportunities for both vendors and partners to develop stronger relationships.

From managing your MDF and improving your capital by delivering value-added marketing collateral to hosting the Annual 4u2grow Conference where you can connect with MSPs and partners, Marketopia helps vendors every year boost ROI and expand their business relationships. Don’t let the lessons learned this year go to waste – make a plan today.

For more information on what you can learn to help you succeed and how Marketopia can help, contact us today.

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