The average person spends two hours a day on social media. Why should you care? Your potential customers are on social media – a lot! And it isn’t just about funny cat videos and advertisements for a product you quietly mentioned to your spouse (don’t worry your house isn’t bugged, it’s called retargeting).


Today, B2B marketers realize the impact that a social media marketing strategy can make in terms of warming up leads, increasing website traffic and bringing in more signed contracts. Social media matters – keep reading to learn why and as an added bonus we’ll throw in a few tips to jumpstart your marketing strategy.


Position Yourself as a Thought Leader

According to IDG, 84 percent of C-level and VP-level buyers are influenced by social media when considering a purchase or partnership. Why? Because they’re looking for content that’s easily accessible and relevant to their industry. Leveraging LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to share thought-provoking news, blogs and more shows potential customers you’re a qualified partner who keeps a pulse on the industry.


Improve Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization goes far beyond simple keywords on your website. Social media is another tool that can help you optimize SEO and improve your positioning in Google’s organic search results. Backlinks have a lot of power in increasing domain authority, which can lead to a higher ranking. The more you create and share high-quality and educational content on social media, the faster you’ll move up in rank – hello page one on Google search results!


Engage in Conversations to Build Relationships

Social media is more than just a convenient avenue to wish your old college pals a happy birthday. It’s designed to connect people – and it does a great job at connecting people with businesses too. It’s all about engagement. Your social media posts should spark conversations and you need to participate as well. Interact with your audience, reply to comments, answer questions – the more you engage with people and show them you care, the sooner they’ll get used to thinking of you as a real person, authentic and trustworthy. These are the kinds of businesses people want to do business with.


Turbocharge Your Social Media Marketing Strategy with Marketopia

Now you know why you should be active on social media, but how do you increase engagement and turn your friend list into a list of clients? Here are a few tips to turbocharge your social media strategy.


  1. Invest in Facebook Ads and use retargeting tactics
  2. Stay top of mind with the boosted post feature on Facebook and Twitter
  3. Join groups and engage in conversations and discussions
  4. Show off your best “self” with updated images and graphics


Social media has become a major aspect of marketing for businesses, but it takes a lot of time and effort to craft engaging content, build your network and stay on top of the latest social media trends. If social media marketing isn’t in your wheelhouse, you’re losing out on potential customers. Need a hand? Contact Marketopia to learn how we can help you develop a social media marketing strategy today.


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