Marketing is one of the most powerful, but underappreciated tools you have at your disposal. It creates the difference between making a sale and not even being known by your target audience. You may have the best marketing company on your team, but what about your partners?


Providing your partners with email templates and other marketing materials that’s branded with your information is less effective and often times feel spammy. By providing templated assets and marketing training, you can give your partners the lead generation tools they need to find and close more opportunities – resulting in more revenue for your business. We suggest providing these six marketing assets to your partners:


  1. Email Templates

Offer focused email templates that allow partners to insert their logo and branding. They’ll be able to customize the email to focus on a particular aspect of your services that they know their prospects and customers need.


  1. Appointment Setting Scripts

Create a script for experts calling on your partner’s behalf. They’ll have a better idea of how to get your prospects engaged and speak to all the talking points you want your partner to hit.


  1. Solution PowerPoint Presentation

Provide a PowerPoint presentation that gives an overview of all of the solutions your partners offers. Provide a template so they can replace services they don’t yet offer and give brief benefit descriptions.


  1. Brochure/Sell Sheet

Create templated brochures or sell sheets for each of your main solution offerings, so your partners can add their branding and hand them out to prospects at conferences and events.


  1. Proposal Template

Give your partner an example proposal template, so they can plug in information and quickly get proposals into the hands of their leads. This ensures your partner doesn’t undersell your services and get contracts signed quicker.


  1. Training Videos

Sometimes even salespeople need more training. Provide training documentation to your partners to help them find and close more deals – leading to more revenue in your pocket.


By giving your partners the lead generation tools they need to find and close deals, you’re investing in your business relationship and improving your ROI. If you don’t have these tools readily available – don’t fret. Our sales and marketing toolkit provides eight components to help your partners better sell to end users. Our toolkit includes templated marketing collateral and training materials to help your partners sell your products and services easier.


For more information on empowering your partner and how Marketopia’s sales and marketing toolkit can help, contact us today.

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