Why Your Business Needs a Success Coach  

Growing your business means adopting new products and planning for the future. Doing that on your own can be more than a little stressful. Since successfully implementing new projects can be a foundational part of your long-term success, making sure you have the right support makes all the difference. So, do you need an account manager, or is a client success coach (CSC) a better fit?

The Client Success Coach Difference 

If you’re looking to employ an external appointment setter to make cold calls and follow up with leads for your business, a channel account manager would help you find an appointment setter and let you reap the benefits of the professional, only stepping in if the results weren’t matching your monthly goals. Channel account managers are primarily worried about the success of your account – not necessarily how well a service works for your business.

In contrast, a client success coach (CSC) helps you find an appointment setter, acts as a liaison to introduce you and facilitate those early discovery conversations, monitors the results of your appointment setter and creates an easy-to-read report that outlines the success from your professional.

A CSC is supported by the resources of a full-service agency and works with you through every step of the delivery process. They’re consultants for your account – brainstorming ideas, helping you make informed decisions and providing you with options designed to accommodate your budget and generate more revenue. They bridge the gap between your decision makers and the agency team, and they are as much marketing experts as project management gurus. Plus, CSCs are customer-focused, meaning they are focused on you and successfully growing your business.

Account Manager or CSC? 

When it comes to making the choice between client success coaches and channel account managers, how do you know which choice is right for your business? Use the chart below to determine how your needs match up to available experts.

I Need… CSC AM
someone to manage my projects, deliverables and account. X X
someone that understands my business and goals. X X
someone that works with my vendors. X X
someone that can identify opportunities. X X
someone that can connect me with a support community. X X
someone to help me create a growth strategy. X
someone that can help me execute my strategies. X
someone that can help me make the most of my investments. X
someone that can show me the results of my efforts. X
a partner. X

If you’re looking for someone that will truly be in your court and that will be with you every step of the process – consulting and ensuring you’re making the most of your investments – you need a client success coach. A study by HBR found that 50 percent of high-performing organizations have sales processes that are “closely monitored, strictly enforced or automated.” CSCs work diligently to provide that monitoring and enforcement, making sure your projects are moving in the right direction.

How Marketopia Can Help  

Client success coaches are the only type of account manager that stick with you past project completion. That’s why Marketopia delivers expert, dedicated CSCs for every one of our clients. While channel account managers are great for one-off projects, they won’t give you the attention and dedication you need to identify opportunities and generate more sales, more leads and more profit.

For more information on how Marketopia’s channel-expert client success coaches can help with growing your business, contact us today.

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