Top 10 Conferences to Attend for Resellers

Top 10 Conferences to Attend for Resellers  Are you where your best prospects are? As a vendor, it’s your goal to position your brand in every event possible to convey a sense of breadth, depth [...]

How Channel Account Managers Can Maximize Their Budgets in 2020

October 1 marks the start of Q4, and now is the time for sales and marketing professionals to start getting their budget proposals ready for 2020. For channel account managers (CAMs), this is the [...]

Aligning IT Channel Marketing & Sales

Especially in the technology space, sales and marketing are simultaneously the biggest opportunity for increased sales and the biggest gap in being able to increase your revenue.  In order to [...]

From Vendor to Partner: The Key to Building Long-Term Relationships

Vendors come and go. Companies buy from vendors who offer the best price and the best products and can easily switch from vendor to vendor as their needs change.  Partners stick around.

5 Ways to Motivate Resellers to Push Your Products

For a business to grow and change, it has to start from the top. To explain this concept, General George S. Patton said, “A piece of spaghetti or a military unit can only be led from the front [...]

3 Ways to WIN with Channel Partner Sales Training

Channel partner programs are powerful tools – instead of hiring salesperson after salesperson, you can leverage a network of industry partners to sell and support your solutions. But to get the [...]

Empower Your Partners: 6 Lead Generation Tools for Finding & Closing Deals

Marketing is one of the most powerful, but underappreciated tools you have at your disposal. It creates the difference between making a sale and not even being known by your target audience. You [...]

4 Ways to Spend Your MDF Budget – Use It or Lose It

Business development funds (BDF) and marketing development funds (MDF) are helpful for investing in your business and extending brand awareness, but a study by PartnerPath discovered that only 27 [...]

Start Building a Community and Stop Networking

Networking – the word itself has a negative connotation. Between the awkward handshakes and mediocre hors-d’oeuvres, you’ve gathered a handful of business cards that you really don’t want [...]

How to Strengthen Your Brand : Finding Your WHY

When you’re creating, revamping or refreshing your brand, there are so many questions to consider. How do you want to be perceived? How can you convey your message to customers? How can you make [...]