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Only a quarter of small- and medium-sized businesses have staff with formal marketing qualifications. Only 13% have marketing specialists onboard.

Source: Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Survey

Even IT Experts  Need Experts 

Your business is built on specialization—networking, cloud, virtualization and more. Building a pipeline of qualified leads, arming sales with the knowledge and tools aimed at how to increase IT sales, and nurturing prospects until they’re ready to engage all take specialized expertise that’s tough to come by when funds are tight and priorities are never-ending.

Marketing support virtually non-existent? Have gaps or bandwidth issues with your internal team? Count on Marketopia’s MSP, VAR and CSP marketing services to enhance the capabilities of your current staff or do it all.

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We landed one of our existing customers with a new VoIP phone solution that just invoiced for over $24,250 in hardware and over $2,600 in new MRR—all from an email that let the customer know we can also help them with phone solutions. We also closed two more of the old sales appointment leads from the month prior through our internal follow up and drip marketing program.

Daniel Di Fulvio, President & Chief Technology Officer | Hero Managed Services

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Marketopia’s growth gurus are here to support you with everything you need to increase IT sales. We’ll help fine-tune your growth strategy, build a more professional image, attract, engage and nurture targeted buyers throughout their journey, make sure you optimize your selling resources and position you as a go-to source for everything IT. Everything it takes to drive better results.

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